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Bilyu Sacred Tree

Situated at the 128km mark on the Central cross-island highway, approximately 11.5km (20 minutes) east of Kuan Yun Youth Activity Center. The Bilyu Sacred Tree is a lunta fir that is over three thousand years old. The tree is about 50m tall with a diameter of 3.5m, and is the largest sacred tree along the cross-island highway.

Xiaofengkou Hehuan Mountain management station

Approximately 9km (15 minutes) west of the center. Xiaofengkou is 3002m above sea level, and is the pass where the rising air from Daija River and Liwu River meets, causing strong wind carrying a large amount of moisture with it. The mixed fir and hemlock forest as well as the arrow bamboo groves are all nurtured by this moisture, and thick clouds also often form here. In the early morning, you can view sunrise over Cilai Mountain from the parking lot, and enjoy the interweaving effects of the light and the cloud.

Hehuan Mountain

Approximately 15km (25minutes) west of Kuan Yun Youth Activity Center, and is the best place for snow viewing in Taiwan. There are seven peaks on Hehuan Mountain: main peak is 3416m; east peak 3421m; north peak 3422m; west peak 4144m; Shimen Mountain is 3236m; Hehuanjian Mountain is 3217m, and Shimen north peak is 3278m.

The Hehuan Mountain is beautiful is all year round, and the sceneries are magnificent no matter where you look. There are different sceneries all year round. During the spring the rhododendrons are in blossom, covering the slopes; The Azalea flowers in summer creates a elegant scene against the backdrop of the mountains; The falling maple leaves in autumn and the moon and stars at night will enthrall you; the snow-covered mountain of winter will charm you, and the snowy scene will mesmerize you. The well-known Kenanguan and Wuling, located in the same area, are also perfect spots for a relaxing walk in the mountains.

Featured tour routes

【East to west route】

Day 1:
1. Xiaofengjou-Hehuan Mountain management station (30 minutes)
2. Shimen Mountain trail (1-1.5 hours)
3. Wuling (30 minutes).
4. Hehuan main peak trail (1.5-2 hours)
Day 2:
1. Qingjing Farm (3 hours)